Changsha Hunan Xin t [2016-04-19]
The unit is the old users of our factory, the unit was formally put into production in our factory this year to get new structured packing after Gu Feng, the first time the transformation of their device.
Alcohol recovery dev [2016-04-19]
2008 Chongqing Wei Tai Biological Development Co., Ltd. introduced by the same industry, alcohol recovery equipment in the unit of the filler by our company combined with the actual production of the unit, I put forward mixed packing tower, affirmed by the user.
Jiujiang hongking In [2016-04-19]
I plant in July 2008 the transformation of Jiujiang HONCO Industrial Chemical Industry Co Ltd distillation plant.


      Jiangxi Gangcii ceramic technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016, its predecessor was founded in 1991 in Pingxiang Chetian industrial porcelain factory. Pingxiang Chetian industrial porcelain factory is a historic industrial ceramics production enterprises, products widely used in chemical industry, oil refining, pharmaceutical and other industries……
New ceramic structured co 2016-04-19
I plant to participate in 2016-04-19
"China Chemical Informati 2016-04-19
S streamlined regular cor 2016-04-19
Pingxiang City, Jiangxi P 2016-04-19
The second session of the 2016-04-19
《China Chemical Industry 2016-04-19

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